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Mo Green Clothing Co: Not your average t-shirt line

Mo Green Clothing Co: Not your average t-shirt line


I’m excited to share that I just wrapped up the first part of a super fun project with Toronto start-up Mo Green Clothing Co., a brand new t-shirt shop owned by husband and wife duo Jacqueline and Lewis, which was inspired by their adorable tiny human, Moses. These two are a force to be reckoned with and I absolutely loved working with them to help bring their vision to life! What I especially love is their business’ bottom line: every shirt tells a story and gives back.

When Jackie first approached me, she already knew what she wanted in terms of branding. She wanted black, white and gold, and she totally spoke my language when she told me about her love for minimalist, clean design. I knew instantly that we were about to begin a really awesome collab!

The finished logo features a strong, bold typeface with a contrasting script underneath, wrapped in a gold box outline. We also created submarks with circular and square formats, for social profiles and small formats, like tags. We built on the colour scheme Jackie and Lewis wanted with a light heather grey and a rich charcoal.

Once the branding was in place, we got to work on the really fun part — the designs for the t-shirts! Mo Green decided to launch with infant/toddler shirts, and have plans to expand to adults shirts in the very near future. The ideas were inspired by Jackie and Lewis’ love for strong typography and fun sayings that you don’t normally see on kids clothes. Take a look through the photos below for some photos of the completed design work, and some adorable product shots!

And, if you have littles in your life, be sure to check out Mo Green’s online store. For all you Torontonians, they’ll also be debuting the new collection at Yogamammas’ Summer Shopping Social on Wednesday, July 20!